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Our Customer Care Philosophy

When we partner with a Credit Union, we adopt some of their goals; chief among them is to care for their people. This care is expressed rather simply but can go a long way in establishing lasting trust between parties. When an individual calls, we answer. If they have a concern, we address it thoroughly keeping them and their best interests in mind. In short, we act with diligence, professionalism, and genuine interest. Here is what we tell every eligible credit union member without exception:

  • It’s better to gain clarity than be confused. Call your dedicated agent anytime.
  • Medicare plans can change over time. We are always here down the road when you need us.
  • We want to help you ease comfortably into this transitionary time of life. We’re on your side.

If you are a credit union or an eligible individual member of one of our partnered credit unions, feel free to reach out to us today.