Credit Unions

Education, Independent Advice, and Top Market Solutions for members of our partner credit unions.

Our goal in every member interaction is to carefully listen to the specific needs of members and provide members, and their families, with education and insights about their Medicare options. In addition, as your authorized Medicare provider, we will strive to build on the trust your members have with you, by providing excellent member service, education, and plan analysis. Finally, our Advisors will be there each year to help members navigate through any plan, or insurance company, changes common to Medicare. They will recognize they have a trusted and consistent source to help them determine what Medicare options are best for their healthcare needs – Your Credit Union.

  • Reduces Stress – Seniors will appreciate the Medicare offering as it gives them a trusted source for information and advice each year. The Healthcare decision for senior members is a huge, and stressful, part of their lives each year. You will be the source to help them cut through the stress and find the very best options for their circumstances.
  • Improve Trust/ Relationship with Senior Members – Senior members, and their families, will trust you more as you demonstrate that you understand the need they have for Healthcare advice and navigating the complexity of Medicare.
  • Our Services Are Complimentary – Members will appreciate our complimentary service that will help them make an informed decision about their healthcare.
  • Build Member Satisfaction – We have seen an increase in the trust and satisfaction senior members have expressed as we help them with their Medicare decisions.
  • Protect Your Member From Other Institutions Solicitations – You are uniquely positioned to now protect members from bank or insurance solicitations that will leverage your member to another institution based on the Medicare strategy to identify assets.
  • Flexible Program Options – Our flexible approach will allow your team to either implement a program that is fully managed by us or that is managed by your staff. You can even start one way and migrate to the best possible solution for you.
  • Referral to Wealth Management – Our Advisors will naturally come across investment needs for senior members. In all cases, we refer the member back to your wealth management program.
  • Noninterest Income Potential – It may be important for you to earn income from the Medicare program and we have designed a licensed approach that will enable you to participate in the revenue for the Medicare program.